20 finest Greek Islands To go to in 2022

In this post, you’ll discover all the tricks of the very best islands in Greece from a well-travelled regional herself!

The Greek islands requirement no special introduction. They’re renowned all across the globe for being the perfect destination for your summertime vacation. But, what makes the islands in Greece so special? 

Apart from the gorgeous beaches, the Greek islands are fantastic for a charming honeymoon, a holiday with friends, or a household vacation with kids.

As an experience seeker or a party-goer, you’ll likewise discover an island in Greece that fits your vibe. There are so many great locations to see in Greece, with the islands having a bit something for everyone.

The Greek islands are among the most interesting destinations to go to in the world for their unique ambience, gorgeous architecture, excellent weather, as well as authentic method of life.

Gorgeous Elafonisi beach in Crete

I’m Greek as well as I have lived all my life in Greece. ever since I was a kid, my family’s go-to summertime destination was one of the islands.

As a full-grown as well as an avid traveller, no matter the wonders of the world I’ve seen, the Greek islands will always have a special location in my heart. 

Here’s a listing of the 20 most gorgeous islands in Greece. 

1. Santorini: most charming island in Greece
2. Crete: finest all-around Greek island
3. Mykonos: finest celebration island
4. Naxos: one of the very best Greek islands for families
5. Paros: finest island in Greece for a short stay
6. Folegandros: for romance as well as quiet
7. Rhodes: finest Greek island for history buffs
8. Kefalonia: for scenic drives as well as beaches
9. Andros: top Greek island for hiking
10. Corfu: multicultural, cosmopolitan Greek island
11. Astypalea: most underrated island in Greece
12. Thassos: for a relaxing holiday
13. Hydra: for a Greek island near Athens
14. Zakynthos: gorgeous beaches as well as nightlife 
15. Syros: finest islands in Greece for architecture
16. Milos: finest Greek island for couples
17. Lefkada: the “Caribbean of Greece”
18. Ios: finest island in Greece for a younger crowd
19. Kos: easy-going island in Greece
20. Skiathos: finest Greek island for nature
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Best Greek Islands for Beaches
Best Greek Islands For Families
Best Greek Islands for a Honeymoon
Best Greek Islands to Party
Where To stay on the Greek Islands
Now You understand the very best Greek Islands to Visit

Greece has more than 200 inhabited islands! right here I’ll listing the 20 finest islands for tourists looking for the perfect vacation. 

1. Santorini: most charming island in Greece

Beautiful Santorini, a fantastic island for couples looking for a charming getaway

Perhaps the most famous island in Greece, Santorini is the most photogenic one as well.

Santorini is an island of stunning architecture, gorgeous views, incredible sunsets, as well as unique landscapes. However, the island’s extraordinary beauty is likewise why it can get truly crowded, particularly during summer.

Santorini is likewise one of the most charming destinations in the world as well as it definitely offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable pictures with your considerable other.

Last however not least, Santorini has some culinary delights on offer. Don’t leave the island without trying mashed fava beans as well as any type of tomato-based dish.

Getting to Santorini

Flights from many European cities to Santorini worldwide flight terminal are rather frequent, particularly in the summer. Alternatively, you can get to Santorini by ferry from Piraeus Port near Athens.

The sunsets on Santorini are the stuff of legends

Things To perform in Santorini

There are numerous fun things to do on the island, right here are the top 5.

1. go to Oia At Sunset
Oia is the most picturesque town in Santorini as well as it looks great any type of time of day — however it’s absolutely wonderful at sunset.

2. join a Winery Tour
Santorini is one of the most important wine regions in Greece. the very best method to try a few of the island’s varieties as well as discover the tricks of regional winemaking is by joining a wine tour at one of the island’s wineries.

3. discover Out The tricks of ancient Akrotiri
Ancient Akrotiri is a extremely well-preserved ancient town which was buried under tons of volcanic ash countless years ago. A go to to Akrotiri exposes interesting facts about life in this prosperous ancient city as well as it’s definitely among the very best things to perform in Santorini.

4. Hike an active Volcano
While vacationing in Santorini, you have the unique chance to go to an active volcano. Its crater is located in Nea Kameni, a volcanic islet just off Santorini’s coast. A 30-minute hike will take you to the smoking crater as well as the extremely heart of the most surreal setting you might ever imagine. 

5. dance The night Away in Fira
Even if you’re not an avid party-goer, a night out in Santorini is truly worth experiencing at least once. Fira town is house to historic nightclubs which have been around for many decades as well as never seem to disappoint.

? discover Santorini on the map, here.

Best things To perform in Santorini

2. Crete: finest all-around Greek island

Driving around the island of Crete. having a rental vehicle right here is a fantastic method to explore

Crete is the largest island in Greece. Historically, the island was the centre of Europe’s very first advanced civilisation, the famous Minoan Civilisation.

Crete is an incredibly diverse destination. A land blessed with an remarkable natural landscape as well as rich cultural heritage, the island is perfect for everybody — from couples as well as households to groups of buddies as well as solo travellers.

Although a extremely prominent island, Crete is so huge that there are both congested as well as tranquil locations to go, even during peak seasons.

Similarly, Crete is a incredibly authentic destination, particularly in terms of food. Cretan cuisine is synonymous with one of the healthiest as well as most tasty diets in the world.

☞ See our total travel guide to the island of Crete.

Getting to Crete

There are two worldwide airports in Crete: one in Chania as well as one in Heraklion. There are many direct flights from Europe, as well as 1 stop flights from North America. 

Alternatively, you can get to Crete by ferry from Piraeus.

Whether you want mountains or beaches, you’ll discover it on Crete Island

Things To perform in Crete

There are numerous things to see as well as perform in Crete, these are the top 5.

1. roam around The palace of Knossos
As the centre of the renowned Minoan Civilisation, the palace of Knossos is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece you definitely don’t want to miss.

2. Swim in The Exotic Waters of Balos Lagoon
Balos Lagoon is the most exotic beach in Greece. It’s, in essence, a shallow pool of turquoise waters surrounded by steep cliffs as well as its beauty is out of this world. This is definitely one of the top beaches in Greece.

3. take in The beauty of The Venetian Port in Chania
Walking along the gorgeous promenade of the Venetian Port in Chania is among the very best things to perform in Crete in addition to the ideal method to see as well as be seen on the island.

4. go to Arkadi Monastery
Beautiful Arkadi Monastery near Rethymno was the site of one of the darkest however likewise most heroic instances in Cretan history.

During an Ottoman siege, the people who had discovered sanctuary within the walls of the monastery decided to take their own lives rather than surrender.

5. Hike Samaria Gorge
The national Park of Samaria Gorge offers a unique chance for a 15km hike like no other. Although rather strenuous in some parts, this hike is an experience you won’t want to miss.

? discover Crete on the map, here.

Best things To perform in Crete

3. Mykonos: finest celebration island

A fantastic area for a meal on Mykonos.
Ever since the 60s, Mykonos has been understood for its vibrant nightlife as well as for being the ultimate LGBT-friendly destination.

Yet its gorgeous beaches as well as stunning traditional design are similarly valid reasons to plan an unforgettable trip to this stunning Greek island.

Although touristy as well as party-oriented, Mykonos likewise has an authentic side which is most striking when you leave behind the hectic Chora (town) as well as head to the island’s splendid countryside.

Getting to Mykonos

There is an worldwide flight terminal on the island however you can likewise get to Mykonos by ferry from the ports of Piraeus as well as Rafina near Athens.

Don’t miss the windmills of Mykonos

Things To perform in Mykonos

There are numerous fun things to see as well as perform in Mykonos, right here are the top 5.

1. watch The Sunset At bit Venice
Little Venice is the ultimate sign of Mykonos as well as the most gorgeous location on the island to enjoy an incredible sunset.

2. get lost in The narrow Alleys of Chora
Mykonos town or Chora boasts a dreamlike labyrinth of whitewashed narrow streets. A stroll around Chora is the very best method to marvel at the island’s exquisite traditional architecture.

3. go to the most pristine Beaches
Mykonos is famous for its beachfront bars where the celebration never stops. However, the island is likewise house to rather a big number of unspoilt beaches with crystal remove waters as well as great scenery.

4. admire Armenistis Lighthouse
Just 6km north of Chora, one of the most gorgeous lighthouses in Greece awaits. Armenistis Lighthouse looks truly imposing as it dominates the low hill on which it is built, particularly at sunset.

5. Take a Day trip To Delos Island
Delos Island, just off the coastline of Mykonos, is the site of one of the most important archaeological treasures in Greece. the very best method to discover all of the ancient sanctuary’s tricks is by joining a guided tour from Mykonos.

? discover Mykonos on the map, here.

Best things To perform in Mykonos

4. Naxos: one of the very best Greek islands for families

Small beachfront church on Naxos Island

The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos is a laid-back island that has been famous since ancient times for its quarries.

Unlike other Greek islands, Naxos never feels busy. The island is rather huge with long sandy beaches, making it one of the very best Greek islands for households as well as groups of buddies alike.

Apart from its stunning beaches, Naxos likewise boasts some gorgeous mountain villages as well as is likewise understood for its cheese-making. speaking of which, don’t miss the possibility to try the exquisite Arseniko, the island’s signature cheese.

Getting to Naxos

You can get to Naxos by airplane from Athens. There are likewise charter flights from other European cities during the summer. Alternatively, you can get to Naxos by ferry from either Piraeus or Rafina.

Walking to the Portara at sunset is a must
Things To perform in Naxos

There are numerous fun things to see as well as perform in Naxos, right here are the top 5.

1. walk To Portara At Sunset
The ultimate sign of Naxos is Portara, the entrance (or what’s left of it) to an unfinished ancient temple. Nowadays, Portara welcomes ferries as they go into the island’s port, as well as it’s the very best location to be during sunset.

2. absorb The sun at Agios Prokopios Beach
Agios Prokopios beach is the very best location to just sit, relax as well as enjoy doing nothing under the splendid Greek sun. This long sandy beach is hands down the very best beach in Naxos.

3. have a Glass of Citron Liquor
Naxos has been creating Kitron (citron liquor) since 1896. Kitron is available in three varieties (green, yellow as well as clear) while bars in Naxos get innovative by serving Kitron-based mixed drinks as well.

4. check out The ancient Quarries
Home to marble as well as emery quarries since ancient times, Naxos is where you can see unfinished statues right on the area where they were sculpted: the quarries.

5. roam around Naxos Old Town
Naxos Old town is an enchanting labyrinth of winding alleys as well as trick passages, all under the shade of the island’s imposing Castle.

? discover Naxos on the map, here.

5. Paros: finest island in Greece for a short stay

Paros island is a fantastic getaway destination
Located in the Cyclades, cosmopolitan Paros has been supplying the rest of the country with top-quality marble since ancient times. many statues as well as monuments in Greece are made from the famous Parian marble.

Although it mainly attracts young crowds, Paros is a great island for either households or couples as well. Paros boasts pristine beaches as well as a few of the most gorgeous traditional settlements in the Aegean Sea.

Getting to Paros

You can get to Paros by either airplane or ferry from Athens. Paros is the very first stop for many ferries transporting passengers to the Cyclades islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Ios as well as Santorini.

Pretty Lefkes village on Paros Island

Things To perform in Paros

There are numerous things to do as well as locations to go to in Paros, right here are the top 5.

1. go to Lefkes Village
Lefkes is one of the prettiest villages not only in Pa

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