10 Food Delights to try in Japan

The moment that sushi graced my palate, I understood I had been mistaken all this time.

I was understood in my circle as the man who hated Japanese food. Well, ‘hated’ would be rather a stretch. I was just not a fan. At lunch or dinnertime as well as a buddy would suggest a Japanese restaurant, I’d be the very first to run to the opposite direction (unless they’re treating me). I’d always discovered sushi weird-tasting as well as numerous other dishes as well dry. If there was one thing I wasn’t looking ahead to in my very first trip to Japan, it was the food.

But that altered as soon as I had my very first meal in Osaka.

Apparently, Japanese food in Japan is lightyears much better than those I had tried in the Philippines. Duh?

My very first authentic Japanese meal came in the type of a sushi set from Endo Sushi, a humble yet legendary gastronomic oasis in Osaka’s wholesale fish market area. They have been operating for over a century, perfecting the art that is sushi. The freshest components as well as the delicate way it was prepared created the very best meal that had ever gone with my lips. I might state that most likely the most unforgettable — as well as enlightening — lunch I had. One bite as well as I died in an instant, only to be resurrected with a whole new appreciation for the Japanese cuisine.

Here are a few of the dishes, snacks, desserts, as well as drinks that I tried.


Sushi Overload: Ebi (shrimp), Tamago (sweet omelet), Awabi (abalone), Tekka (tuna roll), as well as Tako (octopus)

Okonomiyaki as well as Negiyaki

Okonomiyaki. Osaka’s well-known conventional pancake made from wheat flour, cabbage, as well as eggs (JPY 819)
Negiyaki. Kyoto’s version of Okonomiyaki. made from wheat flour, eggs as well as kujo onions. (JPY 735)


Fugu. commonly thought about the second many poisonous vertebrate in the world (next only to the golden Poison Frog), the PUFFERFISH brings tetrodotoxin, a compound that is 1200 times much more potent than cyanide, mainly in the fish’s ovaries as well as liver. One pufferfish can kill 30 adult humans. There is no understood antidote. In Japan, it is popularly served as sashimi as well as sushi topping. The toxic parts have been eliminated of course.


Yakitori. however this is not chicken. In this part of Kyoto, yakitori is typically quail or pigeon.


Miso ramen with Gyouza as well as poultry Karaage
Kyushu Shoyu Ramen, tastes like lucky Me Pancit Canton, except better. muito melhor.


Takoyaki. Wheat as well as cabbage spheres with octopus core.

Japanese Dango

Mitarashi Dango. Barbequed rice on stick. wonderful as well as extremely filling!


Kakigori. Regarded as the ancestor of the Philippines’ halo-halo. It is stated that the origins of the halo-halo can be traced back to prewar Japanese who introduced us the concept of “beans in syrup.” this is matcha (green tea) flavor.


Sake (JPY525) vs Chu-hi (JPY399)


Taiyaki. Fish-shaped cakes.
The toppings of my Taiyaki
DELICIOSO! The taiyaki, not the vendor.


Green tea ice cream. You’ll discover booths selling these in practically every traveler area in Osaka as well as Kyoto.
Hamburg Steak. Not truly a Japanese meal however it’s quite prominent in Kansai region. offered in many restaurants as well as even benefit stores!
In the program of my backpacking journey across the Kansai region, I fell in like deeper as well as deeper with what the kitchens right here had to offer.

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