The supreme packing listing for Full-Time Travellers

It’s one thing to pack your backpack as well as set off on a trip to a particular destination, or one region of the world, however when you’re trying to pack for a life of full-time travel, choosing what to put in your bag can be a challenging decision.

You’ll be travelling with different continents, cultures as well as climates. What was suitable or appropriate for one area of the world may not be for another. Então, o que você faz?

We’ve been full-time globetrotters for practically eight years now as well as have discovered exactly how to pack as well as what to pack for this type of lifestyle. Check out our advice, suggestions as well as lists:

Choosing Your Luggage

First of all, you will want to have a great piece of luggage to put all of your personal belongings in. discover something that you believe is conducive to your travel style. For us, it’s a backpack or nothing. as well as not just any type of backpack, it has to be luggage-entry style to ensure that we can see all of our products at once.

Some backpacks only open from the top (“top-loaders”), however these can be inconvenient since if you pack something at the bottom, you have to empty whatever out of your bag to get to it.

Luggage-entry implies that the bag unzips all the method to expose whatever in your pack so you don’t have to go rooting with your stuff at airports, hotels as well as bus stations.

We both travel with Osprey Farpoint 55L backpacks as well as like them.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for in a backpack:

Padded hip belt as well as take on straps.

Proper suspension as well as weight distribution.


Lockable zippers.

Outside bring handles.

Stowaway harness.

Lightweight material.

Compression straps.

The appropriate size for your height. 

Removable daypack.

For much more info as well as details on exactly how to select the very best backpack for travel, inspect out our short article here. 

What to pack for Different Climates as well as Cultures

This is where it gets a bit tricky. If you’re going to be living out of a backpack, it’s challenging to bring products around the world for each single climate as well as culture that you will encounter. right here are a few suggestions to assist you get around this:

Choose multi-purpose items

When travelling from Europe to the middle east (for example), you’re going to requirement to modification your style of gown to be much more conservative. Here are a few of our preferred products to assist you get around this:

A sarong can be used as a beach cover-up or a skirt, however then can be turned into a headscarf, or neck scarf when you requirement to gown much more appropriately. As a bonus, it can likewise be a towel or blanket.

Pants one minute, shorts or capris the next. look for a pair of pants that you can either zip off to turn into a pair of shorts or capris, or discover pants that you can roll up as well as clip into location to produce a trendy pair of 3/4 length pants. (I have the Halle Pant by prAna, as well as like them)

A long skirt is excellent for cooler climates or when you requirement to cover your legs. When you’re in a much more liberal destination, you can hike up the long skirt over your bust as well as turn it into a shorter dress. throw a belt around your waist, or produce an empire line for a much more fitted look.

Leggings have so numerous uses. wear them by themselves, with a longer t-shirt to cover your bottom when needed, or beneath a short skirt when in conventional countries. You can likewise utilize them as a base layer for warmth.

For men, select to buy shorts that are for swimming at the beach as well as using in cities. using shorts in numerous countries screams “tourist” as it is, however if you have bright, colourful patterns, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

Try to discover a good pair of pants that are comfortable as well as useful for hiking as well as trekking, however that are trendy sufficient for a night out (Nick has Bluffworks as well as likes them).

A hoodie (zip sweatshirt with a hood), can be utilized for warmth when needed, as well as likewise as a pillow for overnight buses as well as trains.

Go with fundamentals as well as solid colours

If you stay with blacks, browns as well as darker colours like navy or greens, you’ll be much more able to mix as well as match your clothing, which will provide you much more attire choices when on the road.

Try to stay away from white garments as it’s impossible to keep clean while travelling.

Having a few key, solid-coloured pieces of garments in your wardrobe will truly go a long way.

Think about layers

If you’re going to be in hot and chilly climates, have a couple of products that can stand on their own, but will act as additional warmth when needed. Leggings, tight-fitting tee shirts or storage tank tops, as well as fitted long sleeve t-shirts are excellent for this.

They can be used by themselves when in hot climates, or beneath a jacket or sweatshirt when it’s cooler.

Depending on the temperature, rather than buying a bulky jacket that will take up a great deal of space in your pack, it may be finest to have some base layers for warmth, complied with by a good sweatshirt that you can wear for a night out, as well as then a windproof / water resistant jacket on top when it’s additional chilly.

Picking products that can stand alone, as well as be utilized for warmth is key. This way, you can add to your travel wardrobe, without adding any type of products that only have one purpose.

Lightweight as well as Quick-dry

Living out of your backpack implies that you’re actually bring around your home as well as all of your possessions. The lighter the load, the better!

Think of the material of the product before you purchase it. If it’s a heavy cotton or denim, not only does that add weight to your pack, however it’s not going to dry extremely quick if you’re going to hot as well as damp climates.

If you can, select garments that is lightweight as well as quick drying. For men, there are various brands of underwear, socks as well as tee shirts that are thin, anti-wicking for your sweat, as well as of course, they dry extremely fast. ideal for those days when you haven’t done laundry.

Don’t pack for each Scenario

Something else to think about is to not pack for each possible situation. If you plan to do some camping on your trip, purchase a camping tent as well as sleeping bag when you requirement it. Don’t purchase it months as well as months in advance, otherwise you’ll have to bring it around for no reason.

Keep in mind that you can always purchase products on the road as you requirement them, as well as donate or offer products that you are completed using.

What We pack for Our digital Nomad Lifestyle

Because we’re now living as well as travelling abroad as a full time lifestyle, we gown differently, we take much better care of our health, as well as we have products in our bags that we never would have if we were just going on uma viagem. Not every product noted below will be something that you feel that you need, however these are the products that work well for us, as well as much better our high quality of life on the road.

O básico

Osprey Farpoint 55L Backpack

Packing Cubes

Toiletries (Diva cup for Women, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, razor & blades for Dariece, electric razor for Nick, fundamental makeup, as well as perfume/cologne)

Clothing (See a full break down below)

MSR travel Towel (quick-dry, microbial, lightweight)

Lanterna de cabeça

First aid set (antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, security pins, tweezers, antihistamines, Pepto Bismol tablets, Ibuprofen, broad spectrum antibiotics, altitude sickness prevention pills, movement sickness pills, tiger balm, oil of oregano, vitamin C tablets, sunscreen, Odomos mosquito repellent.

Padlocks (1 big padlock, as well as smaller combination locks for our backpacks)

Multi-purpose knife

Electronics (see breakdown below)

Clothing We Pack


1 x long-sleeved, collared gown t-shirt (thin as well as lightweight)

2 x prAna tee shirts (can be dressed up, or down)

2 x cotton t-shirts

3 x quick-dry t-shirts

1 x Bluffworks gown pant (lightweight, wrinkle-free)

1 x Columbia hiking pant with cargo pockets

1 x jeans

1 x pajama / comfortable cotton pant

1 x swimming shorts

2 x laid-back / gown shorts by Fox

7 x quick drying underwear

5 x quick dry socks

1 x thermal, long sleeve, base layer top

1 x windproof, water resistant jacket

1 x Lems Primal 2 Shoe

1 x fundamental flip-flop

1 x keen Hiking shoe


1 x hiking / laid-back pant by prAna

2 x gown / laid-back pant by Anatomie

2 x chillin’ beach pants

1 x leggings

1 x jeans

1 x Capri Pant (vestido para cima ou para baixo)

1 X Exercício Capri Pant

1 x shorts

1 x saia longa

1 x vestido (pode ser descontraído ou elegante)

1 x vestido de praia

2 x saias curtas

6 x camisetas fundamentais

5 x tampas de tanque de armazenamento

1 x Top Dressy

7 x roupas íntimas

2 x sutiãs

1 x sutiã esportivo

3 X Suits Bathing

1 x sarongue

1 x térmico térmico, manga longa, camada base

1 x suéter

1 x Sapatos Northface

1 x flip-flops fundamentais


Como trabalhamos on -line, exigimos viajar com eletrônicos. Recentemente, reduzimos o tamanho do nosso equipamento de câmera de vídeo, no entanto, ainda temos o cumprimento dos itens:

2 x 13 ″ MacBook Pro laptops

1 x iPhone 6S Plus desbloqueado

1 x alto -falantes portáteis

Câmera de 1 x Cannon G7X Mark II

1 X GOPRO HERO 4 Silver, com revestimento subaquático

1 x extensor de variedade WiFi

1 x GoPro externo microfone

1 X Projector portátil (RIF 6 Cube)

1 x computador de mergulho (relógio)

Adaptadores de viagem

Produtos obrigatórios para viajantes em tempo integral

No topo dos produtos observados acima, existem algumas marcas específicas, bem como peças de roupas que sugerimos trazer com você. Estes são alguns dos nossos favoritos que estão em nossas mochilas há alguns anos.

Prana Roundments – Em particular, a calça de viagem Halle observou acima. Essas roupas são práticas, confortáveis, leves e elegantes.

Os sapatos Lems Primal 2 – não são apenas confortáveis, mas são leves e rolam em uma bola! ideal para embalagem.

Handpress-uma máquina de café expresso de bomba manual portátil. Economiza dinheiro no café, gostamos.

Yoga Mat – Excelente para fazer ioga, abdominais e alongamentos. Ou você pode dormir nele em um terminal de voo, além de utilizá -lo para se sentar no parque / praia. Temos os tapetes finos e leves da Nike.

Situações à prova d’água-Até os sacos Zip-Loc farão, no entanto, também temos tampas claras, plásticas e mais grossas que fecham. Utilizamos sacos Zip-Loc para cabos de taxa, produtos de higiene pessoal, compreendem e os mais grossos para documentos.

Corrente do dinheiro – Um cinto real com um zíper por dentro para guardar seu dinheiro.

Diva Cup – Copa da menstruação para mulheres, A deveria ter.

Cubos de embalagem – Esses cubos de zip de nylon são os melhores para manter suas roupas e produtos organizados e condensados. Utilizamos cubos de Eagle Creek há vários anos.

Copos de vinho – nós gostamos de vinho! A compra de uma garrafa de vinho tinto em uma loja é muito mais barata do que em um restaurante, por isso trouxemos xícaras de vinho tinto de viagens de plástico.

Jogos – trazemos um baralho de cartas, dados e um quadro de berço para aqueles dias chuvosos.

Pegue Packin ‘!

Essas sugestões de embalagem e técnicas são conceitos que escolhemos após uma grande quantidade de julgamento, além de erros ao longo dos anos! Minha principal orientação é não se destacar, além de ter em mente que você pode comprar produtos à medida que avança, além de fornecer produtos quando estiver concluído com eles.

Espero que este pequeno artigo tenha ajudado você a descobrir algumas das difíceis preocupações de embalagem que você possa ter tido. Certifique -se de nos fornecer sua orientação de embalagem nos comentários abaixo.


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